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Bringing Your Car's Potential to Life

Unlock your driving experience at just 299 AED

Kick start your engine’s vitality with our basic package, designed to renew your car’s heartbeat and discover its full potential on the open road.

Drive at the speed of the wind at just 495 AED

Drive without a care, experience smart acceleration, efficient control, and unmatched comfort with our Optimum package designed to optimise your vehicle’s performance.

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and performance at just 695 AED

Unlock comfort, smooth handling, high performance engine and unbeatable speed with our premium package designed to elevate your driving experience to a new level of luxury and performance.


Precision Care at

299 AED

Revamp and maintain/ Road ready at

495 AED

Total wellness at

695 AED

*Note: These prices may vary from car to car.



Stranded with a malfunctioning car? Frustrated by recurring issues that no one seems to diagnose correctly. At our exclusive auto repair shop in Dubai,  we specialise in servicing and repairing all brands of vehicles, tackling even the most difficult automotive challenges with precision and expertise.

Our team of highly qualified specialists  provide a wide range of services to revamp and revive your beloved automobile. Experience the thrill of fast driving with smooth control as we ensure your car performs at its peak. Because you and your car deserve nothing less than the ultimate driving experience.


Whether you’re behind the wheel of a luxurious car, a high-performance sports car, or a reliable family sedan, our expert team is dedicated to providing solutions that optimise fuel efficiency, extend engine life, and ensure a smoother, safer driving experience for you and your loved ones.With expertise and a commitment to excellence, we ensure your vehicle receives personalised care and the highest quality service it deserves.



Efficient car diagnostics ensure optimal performance and prevent potential issues.

wheel alignment

Precision-aligned wheels ensure a smooth, safe, and efficient driving experience.

Engine and Gearbox Oil Change

Maintain peak performance: Regular oil changes for engine and gearbox.

Complex electrical and electronics repairs

Precision diagnostics, intricate repairs: mastering car electrical systems, electronics challenges

Automatic transmission repair

Efficient automatic transmission repair, restoring your car’s smooth performance effortlessly.

air conditioner repair

Swift car AC repair restores cool comfort for smooth drives.

Airbag restoration

Revive safety: expert car airbag restoration for a secure ride.

ceramic coating

Revitalize your car’s shine with long-lasting ceramic coating protection.

Copying and recovery of car keys

Efficient car key copying and recovery services for your convenience.

Precision Care at 299 AED

Revamp and maintain/ Road ready at 495 AED

Total wellness at 695 AED

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